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It's About Connection.


Megan Wade is the Founder and Principal Landscape Architect of Fieldwork Design Group. 


She believes that the discipline of design is transformative at all scales. "Whether you are designing the site of a supportive housing development, a school campus, or a private garden, it is ultimately all about connection - connecting people to a specific place, to a regional ecology, to a cultural history, and, most importantly, to each other."


Her work is characterized by a sensitivity to place, a light-handed and straightforward approach to design and deep-rooted plant knowledge. 


Megan received her Masters in Landscape Architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology. She is registered in Illinois and Indiana.


Megan owes her extensive knowledge of perennials to an internship at the Lurie Garden in Millenium Park, where she gardened with world-class horticulturists. The experience also highlighted the importance of considering durability, safety, and real-world maintenance in designing public spaces. Megan continues to garden extensively in her personal time as well. 







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